INSPIRATIONS_0094-Inspirations- Atheist and a Christian in marriage

Can an atheist and a Christian live together in harmony? Host Bridgette Mongeon talks with her husband Mike de la Flor about being an atheist and being married to a Christian.

SHOW NOTES:  Host Bridgette Mongeon and her husband Mike de la Flor revealed in the last podcast that they are a divided family—spiritually. Bridgette is a Christian with a ministry and Mike has gone through a transformation to decide that he does not believe. He calls himself a nonbeliever or atheist.  Can they live together in harmony?  The two discuss the problems and resolutions in their own marriage and family.

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2 comments to INSPIRATIONS_0094-Inspirations- Atheist and a Christian in marriage

  • Hey! I’m one of Mike’s online atheist friends–the one who came to your wonderful Christmas Party a few months ago. I really enjoyed these two podcasts. One thing that I wondered, though, was how you felt about Mike’s change of heart. I’m sure you weren’t happy about it, but how hard was it to cope with? Were/are you worried about Mike’s ultimate fate?

  • Sculptor-Bridgette

    Great question. I have realized that there are so many more questions and comments that I myself am thinking and feeling, I hope Mike will agree to do a few more of these with me. I’ll be sure to answer this in the next podcast. I’m wondering if anyone else has questions or comments we should address.

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