CELEBRATE with us. 100 podcasts! Here is how to win great stuff! ENTER YOUR POSTS HERE!

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HELP US CELEBRATE OUR PODCAST #100! We want to give away gifts to our listeners!

YAY! We’ve made it friends, 100 podcasts!

In honor of our 100th podcast and in dedication to our cohost, mother, and grandmother Barbara Ingersoll, we (hosts Bridgette Mongeon and Christina Sizemore) contacted tons of our guests from the last 100 podcasts and they want to celebrate with us by giving you lots of great stuff. So, check it all out and check back often. More giveaways keep coming!

Information about all our items are listed below and talked about in Podcast number 100 ( listen to podcast 100 now)and we had so many items, more are discussed on podcast 101 (listen to podcast 101 now)!

Now the important part—


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  • “Like” the God’s Word Collectibles Facebook Page. Then, post under this note and tell us you like us. That is an entry into our giveaways.
  • Check out our interviewes and let us know what you’re most excited about. Post under this post about what you like. That is another entry into our giveaways.
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Each action is a chance to win one or more of these great giveaways! Just remember to go back to the Facebook page and tell us what you did under this Facebook post.

For each action leave a comment below this Facebook post sharing what you did or what you liked.  In doing this you are helping us celebrate and spreading the word to your friends. For each social media celebration you do, be sure to come back and create indidvidal posts under this Facebook entry.  Each is another entry into our giveaways!

You have several weeks to enter!  The giveaway will close on July 31, all winners will be posted here on the blog after August 1st so be sure to come back and check to see if you have won.

IT IS THAT EASY!  Many ways to enter, many ways to win.  Winners are chosen randomly, but are based on the amount of posts under this Facebook entry and the number of ways you have helped us spread the word.  Thanks in advance.

Hey, we are also offering all of our podcasts for free. Need content for your website or blog?  You can post any of our podcasts on your facebook, blog or website.  We have included all of the links on the following posts-2011 Podcasts, 2010 Podcasts, 2009 podcasts, 2008 Podcasts.  If you find something you like just copy the link provided on these pages into your website and when your readers click on the link the podcast will come up in another browser window. If you do this be sure to let us know and if you do this during the month of our giveaways, come back to this post and make an entry.  Each is another entry into our giveaways!


Harry Sheppard :: Harry Sheppard CD
Harry is a guest on every single one of our podcast, he’s the musician and the voiceover that plays at the beginning of every podcast. Harry is donating a CD from his newest album with flutist Bob Chadwick they play some smooth Jazz.

God’s Word Collectibles :: A God’s Word Collectible Sculpture
Without God’s Word Collectibles this podcast would not be possible, they sponsor our podcast.They are also the designs of our host Bridgette Mongeon

Diliberto Photo & Design :: Any Item from their Etsy Store and a Free Portrait Photo Session ( Houston)
Diliberto Photo & Design is cohost Christina Sizemore’s company. She has a line of party printable designs for sale in her etsy shop and is also a portrait and wedding photographer. Check out her website at blog at www.DilibertoPhotoAndDesign.com

Ruth Graham :: We have several books to give away!

  • In Every Pew Sits A Broken Heart (3 copies)
  • A Legacy of Love- Thinks I Learned From My Mother
  • A Legacy of Faith- Things I Learned From My Father
  • Step Into The Bible- 100 Bible Stories For Family Devotions

Author and speaker Ruth Graham shares her thoughts about her newest book “In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart.” No one is exempt from pain. It does not matter who your parents are. An intimate look into life and the healing.

INSPIRATIONS_0038 Generations- An Interview with Ruth Graham

Dr. Suz :: Two One Hour Counseling Sessions
Dr. Suz is a reoccurring guest on our podcast, and has discussed an assortment of topics with us. She is a Christ-based counselor out of Texas. The great thing is, these counseling sessions can be over the phone!

INSPIRATIONS_0073 Creative Christian-Visualizing your creativity and Dr. Suz.

INSPIRATIONS_0071 Creative Christians- Creative Angst and Dr. Suz

Margaret McGee :: Her Two Books Haiku – The Sacred Art: A Spiritual Practice in Three Lines and Sacred and Attention: A Spiritual Practice for Finding God in the Moment
In our podcasts with Margaret we discuss her two books Haiku – The Sacred Art: A Spiritual Practice in Three Lines and Sacred Attention: A Spiritual Practice for Finding God in the Moment.

INSPIRATIONS-0079 Generations- Interview on Sacred Attention and Haiku

Brad Stine : : CD’s
Christian Comedian Brad Stine talks about his creativity as a child, his creative process and the importance of Creativity in the Body of Christ.

INSPIRATIONS_0044 Creative Christians- Interview- Comedian Brad Stine

INSPIRATIONS_0045 Creative Christians- Interview- Comedian Brad Stine- Part2

Fine Print on Self-Publishing
Are you thinking about self publishing? Here is a great resource to help you sort through the details, in this podcast with Mark Levine we discuss his book “The Fine Print on Self-Publishing” which covers the contracts and services of 45 self-publishing companies ranked, analyzed and exposed.

Inspirations_0065 Creative Christians -Should I self publish?

Danny Kofke :: Two Signed Books! How to Survive and Perhaps Thrive on a Teachers Salary and Financial Wisdom
Danny took the time to discuss his book How to Survive and Perhaps Thrive on a Teachers Salary and share great insight into personal finances in our podcast.

INSPIRATIONS_0058 Generations – Tips on finances. An Interview with author Danny Kofke

Theresa Reitz :: Her Book The Money Tree-A financial Book for Children
In our podcast with Theresa she teaches us how to teach our children about money as we talk about her book “The Money Tree: A Financial Book for Children.”

INSPIRATIONS_0057 Generations -Teaching our Children Finances

Chuck Girard from Love Song :: Win One of His CDs
Chuck shared with us about his experiences in the 60′s and 70′s that brought him to know God.

INSPIRATIONS_0087 Inspiration/Generations – Reunion of Faith With Chuck Girard from Love Song

Andrew Lazo :: His Book Mere Christians
Andrew shared some of his vast knowledge about C.S. Lewis and the Inklings.

INSPIRATION_0084 C.S. Lewis, Chronicles of Narnia, Tolkien and the Inklings

Janice Hanna Thompson :: Giving Several of Her Books
Janice is the author of such books as Fools Rush In, Love me Tender and non fiction books like Bride to Be Devotional and 199 Reasons to Be Thankful. She shares some thoughts and hints on being a successful freelance writer. She also delves into the idea and reverence for generations in our second podcast with her.

INSPIRATIONS_0067 Creative Christians- How to make money as a freelance writer.

Inspirations-0066- Generations- Interview with Janice Hanna Thompson

Megan Cutter :: Win one of her framed photographs
In this podcast Host Bridgette Mongeon and author and photographer Megan Cutter talk about the empowering transformation of “Mother loss” and how their creativity changed through “Mother loss.”

INSPIRATIONS-0062 Generations- Transformation After Mother Loss- Podcast

Dennis Welch  :: His Book Rich People Shop Here
In the first podcast with Dennis as he shares the humorous and touching story of the influence of his mom and her life ministry in his book “Rich People Shop Here.” In the second podcast Dennis talks about this own creativity, publicity, marketing, writing and the projected trends of Creative Christians.

INSPIRATIONS_0055 Creative Christians- Interview with Dennis Welch

INSPIRATIONS_0054 Generations “Rich People Shop Here” an interview with author Dennis Welch.

Susan Isaacs :: Her Book Angry Conversations with God- A Snarky But Authentic Spiritual Memoir
In our first podcast with Susan, she shares her disappointments in her creative Christian journey as well as her revelations. Anyone who wonders where God is in their creative journey should listen. In our second podcast Susan shares her stories behind her humorous book “Angry Conversations With God A Snarky But Authentic Spiritual Memoir.”

INSPIRATIONS_0049 Creative Christians- Interview Author and Actor Susan Isaacs

INSPIRATIONS_0048 Generations- Book Review Angry Conversations with God

Kellie Copeland Swisher with Strand of Pearls :: Several copies of their two CD’s Strand of Pearls and Light in the Land
In this interview Kellie shares her thoughts on creativity and her inspiration. The hosts also share their incredible and supernatural experience that happened as their mother/grandmother was listening to the Strand of Pearls album as she was dying.

INSPIRATIONS_0043 Creative Christians- Interview- Strand of Pearls

Pam Mullarkey and SOS (Save our Students) :: DVD-Breaking the Ice on Hot Topics, SOS TV, and Pamphlet-All Teens Destined for Greatness
Do you know refusal skills? Do your children? Bridgette and Christina interview Pam Mullarkey author of “All Teens Destined for Greatness” and CEO of SOS ( Save Our Students) Project. Pam shares her tips in teaching techniques and shares the resources available to parents and schools.

INSPIRATIONS_0033 Generations- Learning Refusal Skills and Boundaries

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