INSPIRATIONS_0070 Generations – Barbara’s journal and the fruit of the Spirit

Inspirational podcast providing hope and sharing faith

Hosts Bridgette and Christina talk about the fruit of the Spirit as they read from Barbara’s journal.

Listening time approximately 25.57 minutes

Barbara Ingersoll- was the third host of the Inspirations/Generations podcast. She was the inspiration behind the ministry of this podcast. The podcast began as a way for an invalid women to continue to minister. It was her hope that her life and strugles would speak to others.

She was also the third generation in the “Generations of Christian Women who share their thoughts about different issues and aspects of life.” As the mother of cohost Bridgette Mongeon and the grandmother of cohost Christian Sizemore she has left nearly 40 years of journals. From time to time the women continue their conversations with Barbara Ingersoll by sharing her journal entries.   To read more about Barbara visit the host bios web page on the website.

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Barbara Ingersoll- Year of birth 1935 —2009
Resides in Heaven

My goal is to reach out to other women where they are hurting.
That through our experiences, they may gain strength and hope

Barbara Ingersoll

Christian inspirational podcast and Creative Christians podcast hosts

Barbara Spoke on the phone from her assisted living facility. A ministry is continued through technology even though she is pretty much homebound.

You may also desire to listen to her testimony, Through the Darkness,  which was given in the first five podcasts.

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This last one is not with mom but belongs in the series.


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