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INSPIRATIONS_0082 Creative Christians- Be a Part of Flash Mob Resurrection Sunday Dance.

Creative Christians Podcast-SHOW NOTES-
on Easter Sunday, April 24th 2011 the Resurrection Sunday Dance will take place all over the world. Listen how your group can participate in the group dance as we speak to Faith Church in Budapest, the group  who created this viral video and dance last year.

Watch the Resurrection Sunday Dance YouTube video of Last Years Dance.

Check out the Up to Faith Website to register your group for the dance.  Listen to the podcast for further details.  Register your group today at info@uptofaith.com

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Resurrection Sunday Dance, join in the flash mob of praise.

Last year many gathered in Budapest for a flash mob praise on Easter. Join in 2011 Easter Flash mob praise that will be happening all over the world. Register your group at info@uptofaith.com

Hosts-Bridgette Mongeon and Christina Sizemore
Listening time approximately 22 minutes.

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Turning 50 and podcasting- Thinking back to….

It is strange. Maybe it is because I saw Noel Paul Stookey (The Paul of Peter, Paul and Mary.) at the C.S. Lewis Writers Conference this past month or maybe it is because I am turning 50. As I was contemplating the direction of the podcast, the profound influence that other generations and other people have had on my life, I thought about the music that I used to listen to in the 70’s, when I first came to know the Lord.

Music can change your life. Especially music that you worshipped to so many years ago. The 70’s were not that far away for me, but in many ways they are very far away. My daughter and cohost of the podcasts Christina Sizemore does not know some of the music I listened to. I have contacted many of these people to see if they will interview with us. To thank them for their ministry, see where they are now in their life, and also to see their generational blessings of faith.

Besides growing up with Noel Paul Stookey’s “The Wedding Song” and even Peter Paul and Mary’s “If I had a Hammer.”

There are so many others.

Boby Dylan is a legend in himself. Coming to know the Lord and writing such songs as “Serve Somebody” and putting out an album “Slow Train Coming” was a bold thing to do. I loved this little piece.

Who could not have been moved by the wonderful music and life of Keith and Melody Green?

How shocked we were when God took him and two of his children home. He was 28, Josiah was 3, and Bethany was 2.

2nd Chapter of Acts caused me to praise God.

I fell in love with Reba Rambo- my favorite song was “All Day Dinner” However, I could not find that song. I do think of it often when I am praising God.

And Chuck Girard and Love Song.

Chuck, we were all trying to connect things back then. And yes, that is Katherine Kuhlman.

I remember as a teen and listening to Christian music. I also loved rock and roll, but believe it or not, many thought teens who gave their life over to the Lord and still listened to rock and roll were somehow backslidden.

I cried over the thought of having to give up my albums. I could not understand this thought process. I was so thankful when Petra came out with this song. And claimed outright “God Gave Rock and Roll to You!”
It was a bold statement.

Of course one of the musicians that affected my life the most was Amy Grant. Amy and I are almost the exact same age. We celebrate our birthdays just 18 days apart. Happy 50th Amy Grant.

As I was growing up I celebrated her achievements and was encouraged to pick up the guitar more seriously when I heard her first album recorded at age 18. Though I had favorites from that first album, “Mountain Top” stays in my mind.
How uplifting was the song “More Than Conquerers,”by Janny Grien . I cannot find it on You Tube. But it is in this you tube video at about :38 Sorry it is an advertisment video. It is all I could find on this artist.

Honey Tree was a little subued compared to the others, but I loved her spirit.

And I’ll Rise Again With Dallas Holm

BJ Thomas was known for his music way before he turned his life over to the Lord. As a little girl I sang “Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head.” But as a teen I sang “What a Difference You Have Made in My Life.”

I have loved the guitar playing and music of Phil Keaggy. There is a spirit in this playing.
All of this reminiscing has made me want to get albums from each of these people.

There are so many more.
But I must mention later in my 20’s I became pregnant and in my 4th month suffered a miscarriage. I was so devastated. At that point someone gave me John Michael Talbot’s album. Oh my, the meditative words and songs of this album healed my heart and soul. I was sorry when they took the album back.